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Best of Colorado 5th Edition

Best of Colorado 5th Edition  Over 2,500 Things to Do in Colorado Imagine what it would be like to take a trip through Colorado with John Fielder as your tour guide, or to be on location at a Fielder photo shoot. Now is your chance to do both! The celebrated photographer who has traveled the state for more than 40 years in search of its most beautiful vistas shares his love for Colorado's rugged beauty, as well as his knowledge of Colorado's historical, recreational, and cultural richness, in this extraordinary guidebook. Here is what makes this book different from any other Colorado travel guide: Through lively text and spectacular images, John reveals more 165 of his most treasured Colorado locations to photograph so you can work magic with your own camera. These are largely places off the beaten path that you could discover only after years of exploring the state by vehicle like John has done for 2 million miles! The key word here is roadside. You will not have to hike for miles to get to these sites. You can enjoy some of the state's prime offerings while you travel, as John profiles his favorite restaurants, hotels, hiking and biking trails, and area attractions. Local lore and cameos of influential Coloradans through the ages highlight the state's fascinating heritage. Whether you're a longtime local, a new resident, or an out-of-state visitor, John Fielder's Best of Colorado guarantees the ultimate insider experience! The Fifth Edition of Colorado's best-selling travel guide is the most comprehensive upgrade since the book's publication with over 100 new hotels and restaurants added statewide, and hundreds of updated websites. This edition has over 2,500 resources and is now an even better way to visit for yourself what John has discovered driving and hiking the state!
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