9498 Fossil Ridge Reflection #1
Fossil Ridge Wilderness near Gunnison

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Purchasing Prints

All images in John's portfolio are available as fine art photographic prints in sizes ranging from 11 x 14 inches to 4 x 10 feet and larger. All images found in John Fielder books are also available as prints. We can help you select images that work together with your existing home or office design.  Send us simple phone photos of your wall spaces to get the process started and we can create life-like computer generated mockups that look just like the finished framed product on your walls! Contact John Fielder directly at john@johnfielder.com. Fine art prints are ordered and purchased directly from John Fielder, not online. Quality is Guaranteed. Consultations at your location are complimentary. We also provide professional framing, crating & shipping, and installation. Interior designers and art consultants are encouraged to contact us.

Purchasing Digital Files

John's  images are available as high resolution digital files. Many of John's newer stitched panoramic images measure 30,000 pixels across for lifelike reproduction as large as 50 feet long. Contact John directly for pricing  john@johnfielder.com

Print Pricing

Fine Art Print Description and Pricing

All prints bear the photographer's signature. Any photograph can be printed in a variety of standard sizes (size may vary slightly depending on the format of the original transparency). The size, rather than the image, determines price. There are many other sizing options available to fit your wall space. Please contact John Fielder for more information.
Light Jet Prints

These archival photographic prints are printed by the Light Jet digital process on traditional photo paper, Fuji Crystal Archive, the finest and most fade-resistant photo paper available. Extremely high-resolution 300 megabyte digital scans of John Fielder's original transparencies produce greater clarity, better contrast, and more vibrant colors than traditional prints. The paper is exposed in the Light Jet printer with a red, green and blue laser from the digital information. Prices include mounting to durable 1/8” high density fiberboard. Lamination should be used in instances where glass will not be protecting your print. It is a satin, 3 mil thick polyester based material that is heat mounted directly to the print. It helps protect the photograph from things such as dust and fingerprints and also contains UV inhibitors. Lamination to be used with Light Jet prints only.

Watercolor Giclée Prints

With the Giclée process, we are able to reproduce John Fielder photographs on watercolor paper with stunning color and texture giving a painterly like quality to the prints. Watercolor prints can be mounted to a museum board substrate and have a ½" deckled edge.

Black and White Prints

John Fielder black and white photographs are printed by Lightjet on traditional photo paper or Giclée on watercolor paper and have excellent tonal range that gives the photograph amazing depth and clarity.

Gallery Mount Collection:
Gallery Mount Collection is an exciting alternative to traditional framing. John's Light Jet print is professionally mounted to a high density wood substrate. A special UV protective vinyl laminate is heat-pressed to the print. The wood edges are then beveled and trimmed with a finished edge in the following styles:
Gallery Flat:
3/8" board with beveled edge
Gallery Float:
Image mounted on 1/4" board with beveled edge. A 1" box frame is mounted to the back and recessed 2" from the edge making the image "float".
Gallery Box:
Image is mounted on 1/4" board with beveled edge mounted to a 1" back frame giving a 1 1/4" finished edge all the way around.
Gallery Stack
Image is mounted on 1/4" board with beveled edge and then mounted to the front of a Gallery Box or Gallery Float, recessed in from the edge giving a finished border around the print.