4th Annual Rocky Mountain River Celebration

10 Mar 2016 Thu
6:30 pm

Dickens Opera House

The 4th Annual Rocky Mountain River Celebration is a non-profit sponsored annual event hosted in solidarity with the International Day of Action for Rivers.

The event features speakers, short films, and music focused on raising public awareness of river, stream and water-use issues both in Colorado and worldwide. This year, all proceeds and fundraising from the event will go toward the Boulder County & Colorado River Legal Defense Fund – currently accruing funds for legal action to stop Denver Water’s proposed Moffat/Gross project (which would be the largest construction project in Boulder County history and drain the Fraser River, if allowed to proceed).  Here you can see an Overview of Moffat/Gross and the Top 10 Fatal Flaws with Moffat/Gross.

The 4th annual Rocky Mountain River Celebration will be at Dickens Opera House in Longmont, CO and will feature a keynote multi-media performance by celebrity photographer John Fielder.  This year’s lineup will also feature Timmy O’Neill as emcee, Gabrielle Louise for musical entertainment, a handful of award-winning river-centric short films, and several speakers on western water issues. Buy your tickets here.