Africa Panoramic

A selection of the Africa Panoramic images still hang in the gallery in the NOT COLORADO room.You’ve enjoyed John Fielder’s Colorado
landscapes for over 30 years…
Just wait until you see what he photographed
on his first trip to Africa!

Monkeys in Trees
Traditional head and body shots of animals?

As a young boy, John Fielder fell in love with the exotic images of Africa on the pages of National Geographic magazine. This past spring, his childhood dream of photographing the Africa that cannot be seen in any magazine was fulfilled. He gave much thought to how he would photograph his journey before ever leaving Colorado.


At Victoria Falls
John shooting Victoria Falls Zambezi River, Zambia

No way!  John focused on what he does best: capturing the essence of landscapes, with
creatures within their ecosystems. For this first trip, John chose to explore Zambia and Namibia, two countries known for their diverse natural landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities.

“People often ask me if I only photograph Colorado. My answer: I enjoy travelling to other places to experience other ecosystems, to see new natural landscapes.  Africa has always – all my life – been at the top of my list.”


At Victoria Falls
John and guide canoeing, Zambezi River

John wanted to explore the Africa that no ‘group tour’ gets to experience; in other words he needed to travel with a local. The context in which John met Michelle Attala, a Zambian nature photographer and guide, allowed the pair to intimately tour Zambia and Namibia in May 2011.
Over three weeks, John and Michelle explored by boat the exotic scenery of Zambia, and ventured by 4×4 into the desert terrain of Namibia – the second least populated country in the world per square mile.


Namibia Coast
Photographing the dunes of Sandwich Harbour, Namibia

“We drove 2500 kilometers in an SUV across some of the most rugged terrain I have ever experienced in my life. We explored these two countries by traveling cross-country, not by
plane, and we saw things that most do not… for example, one thousand garishly pink flamingos standing, side by side, in a rain pool of estuarial waters along the Namibian Atlantic Coast, and then watched them fly en masse. It was unforgettable.”

Come fall in love with Africa like you have never seen it before! Through the eyes of Colorado’s renowned nature photographer, travel to Africa – the second most beautiful place on planet Earth. Thirty-eight limited edition panoramic photographs mounted up to eight feet in length are featured, along with the captivating imagery of Michelle Attala.

Rock with Bent TreeJohn has also produced a small quantity of “Africa Panoramic” large format books, hand-signed and numbered. Also available are limited edition giclee watercolor portfolio prints, quanitity 100, hand-signed and numbered. These extraordinary prints are presented in a fabric-covered box. Both items are available only at John Fielder’s Colorado Gallery.

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