About John

John Fielder has been capturing the beauty of Colorado for 40 years. From majestic sunrises over the Rockies to colorful videoColorado wildflowers bordering alpine lakes, his photos portray Colorado in all its glory. You can view and enjoy John’s Colorado landscape photography in several ways: in his fine art prints, publications, or simply on this website. You can even look through John’s camera while he looks through yours at one of his Colorado Photography Workshops!


Many of John’s photos have been printed in his books, calendars, and note cards, all available for sale at book stores throughout Colorado and from online retailers including Amazon. John is the author of 50 exhibit format and guide books, including Colorado’s  all-time best-selling regional title, Colorado 1870-2000, William H. Jackson/John Fielder.

John Fielder provides many ways to graphically bring nature landscapes and img2abstracts, in both color and black & white, into homes, offices, institutions, and public places. Photographs are available as framed limited edition fine art prints in sizes up to 4 x 10 feet. They can also be printed on archival wallpapers which have no size limit, and we print on backlighted transparency materials and glass!

John Fielder is a nationally renowned photographer, publisher, teacher, and environmentalist. He hikes and skis hundreds of miles in Colorado alone each year — and drives thousands — in order to record on film its most sublime natural places. For the last 40 years, no one has traveled this state like John Fielder, from its rolling plains to the soaring Rocky Mountains and the Western Slope’s remote plateaus and river canyons.

He first visited Colorado at the age of 14 during a school field trip from North Carolina: “In all my life, I have not forgotten my first sight of the Rockies rising up before me over the plains.

img4I was simply smitten by this wall of snow-capped peaks above a treeless plain. And the word C-O-L-O-R-A-D-O, it was the most poetic name for a place I had ever heard. I realized at that moment that someone or something had guided me to this place, and that I belonged here for the rest of my life.”

Though he started his family and planted his Colorado roots as a department store executive, he ultimately turned his avocation into a career. He is the photographer of more than 40 photography coffee table books, guide books, and children’s books, all but four about Colorado. He might be best known for creating Colorado’s best-selling book ever, Colorado: 1870 – 2000, which juxtaposes historic photographer William Henry Jackson’s images of the 19th-century landscape with those of today.

img5John Fielder has worked tirelessly to promote the protection of Colorado’s open space and wildlands. His photography has influenced people and legislation earning him recognition including the Sierra Club’s Ansel Adams Award in 1993, and in 2011 the Aldo Leopold Foundation’s first Achievement Award given to an individual. In 2017, Colorado Mountain College presented him with an Honorary Degree in Sustainability Studies. He was an original governor-appointed member of the lottery-related Board of Great Outdoors Colorado, and speaks to thousands of people each year to rally support for timely land use and environmental issues.